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Jon von Goes – Broadcaster

Jon von Goes 3RRR desk

I present the JVG Radio Method on RRR 102.7 FM in Melbourne from 2 til 4 on Sunday afternoons. I’ve been hosting this show for many years. Many.

It started as 2 hours of thematically related recorded music selections. Over time it’s become a lot more than that—a lot of live music, talk, poetry and recorded music.

Then Covid came along and changed it some more. I couldn’t have anyone in the studio, so I got people to call in and send me computer files of music. Enforced change can be a good thing if you go with it.

The show has never been better. My incredibly talented cohort of contributors makes my weekly couple of hours behind the mic an honour and a pleasure.

Regulars include Ian Bland, Kerri Simpson, Charles Jenkins, Davey Lane, Dr Pump, Angie Hart and Emma Heeney, Barb Waters and Craig Pilkington, Dave Evans, Sarah Carroll and other irregular guests make for great radio that I get to steer.

I get afforded great freedom as a broadcaster at RRR. I can say and play just about anything I want. They’re gonna have to wheel me out of there.

Jon von Goes – Musician

I’ve been a semi-professional musician pretty much all my adult life. I’ve played loud and quiet and all sorts of stuff in between. My own music, other people’s music. I’m mainly a guitar player. I’m a dreadful singer but I write good lyrics. I love writing.

My main avenue these days is a duo I have with my partner Celia Church. She’s a fabulous singer, seriously good. I write the words, she writes the melodies and away we go. We call ourselves Jonnie Goes To Church.

The South Gippsland Sentinel Times described our debut gig in December ’20 supporting Tim Rogers and Davey Lane at the Archies Creek Hotel as “stunning”. Stunning I tell you. We look forward to more gigs and recording this year.

I also have the huge pleasure of playing guitar with The Large Number Twelves. A legendary Melbourne Sunday afternoon front bar band.

I did front my own band The JVG Guitar Method for the last 12 years. COVID spelt the demise of the Guitar Method. Sad face emoji.

We recorded two CDs. I’ve got them in a box and they’re for sale. It was a crackin’ band. It’s always good to surround yourself with great players. But it ran its course.


Celia Church and Jon Von Goes are a duo. Celia sings like an angel and plays a chiming telecaster that throbs with vibrato. She’s got great rhythm and sensitive fingers.

Jon is a broadcaster with a deep voice and he writes words. Celia sings them like nobody else. Songs about things that happen to them and things that don’t happen to them. Celia and Jon are a couple as well as a musical duo. This adds another dimension. A dynamic of love, tension, intimacy and domesticity. Full of highs and lows, danger and the everyday. Makes for a great sound and riveting stage patter.